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Take a Look at Our Portfolio

As a skilled sculptor and avid Star Wars fan, I have produced an extensive collection of sculptures including some of the most iconic designs from the movies. You'll find a wide variety of helmets in my portfolio, from the classic Stormtrooper to the iconic Maximus gladiator helmet from the Gladiator movie. All of my sculptures are meticulously crafted using reference images and a variety of sculpting techniques to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

At newimage prop replicas, we take pride in our satisfied customers from all over the world. We specialize in providing high-quality movie prop replicas that impress both costumers and collectors alike. Our products are made from original clay sculptures, ensuring that they are not recasts. We are proud to have many repeat buyers who have left excellent feedback about our products.

Darth Vader sculpture profile.jpg
full size gladiator helmet sculpture
Darth vader sculpture.jpg
Golden voyage of sinbad full size vizier helmet
Republic commando helmet sculpture
golden voyage of sinbad vizier full size helmet
Jambiya replica dagger 5.jpg
star wars biker scout helmet sculpt
star wars snowtrooper sculpt 1
stormtrooper helmet sculpture
stormtrooper sculpture back.jpg
Vizier golden voyage of sinbad sculpture
Dog portrait sculpture newimage prop rep
newimage prop replicas horse sculpture bust 2.jpg
newimage prop replicas skull anatomy face bust.jpg
Golden voyage of sinbad full size helmet sculpture
Golden voyage of sinbad grand vizier helmet
newimage prop replicas horse sculpture bust.jpg
Robocop bust work in progress sculpture.jpg
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