Newimage Prop Replicas Sculptures Of Original Star Wars Helmets

Over the years i have produced various sculpts of different star wars helmets.I use water based WED clay and as many reference images as i can to produce a sculpt.The sculpts can take many weeks to complete and then the molding process can be time consuming too.Here are a few sculpts i have done and i will adding more soon.The sculpting side of my work is what i enjoy the most and i have lots of plans to produce more sculpts as time allows.Our Biker scout helmet sculpt is our most popular and we have received excellent feedback from this helmet.

Feel free to drop us an email with any suggestions of helmets that we can sculpt..we are always wanting to start new projects and are keen to hear other peoples ideas.

Biker scout Version 3 sculpt

Darth Vader ESB Sculpt

Republic Commando sculpt

Other Sculptures i have completed


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