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QUALITY FABRIC:The fabric is quality soft black vinyl faux leather.
QUALITY CONSTRUCTION:The material is doubled up on the neckline.All seams are sealed to stop fraying using an overlocking machine.
ADJUSTABLE NECK WIDTH:The neckseal adjusts from 16 inch to 19 inch adjusted by Velcro which is sewn securely into the neckseal.Please email for any specific size requirements.
SKIRT SECTION:The neckseal has a large skirt section that will tuck under the upper armour.
SOFT FEEL:The fabric has a soft comfortable feel to wear but also has enough strength to hold the rib section.
JET BLACK:The fabric is jet black in colour with a sheen to the surface.



Production time 2-3 weeks depending on current workload.


Please email if you require any specific size.

Stormtrooper de lux neckseal

SKU: stormneckdelux
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