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Get ready to join the ranks of the Galactic Empire with our Full Size Biker Scout Trooper Helmet Version 3 Weathered. This battle-damaged helmet is movie accurate and perfect for display or costuming. It features quality paints that give it a realistic weathered look, reminiscent of the Endor scenes in Return of the Jedi. Whether you're a fan of the original trilogy or the Empire Strikes Back, this full-size helmet is a must-have for any Star Wars collection. Gear up and embody the intimidating presence of the Imperial Scout Troopers with this incredible and authentic replica helmet.


  • FIBREGLASS AND PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION.The helmet is constructed from various materials.The back section is fibreglass using quality gelcoat and laminate careful construction ensures no weak areas within the laminate.The interior of the rear section has been flowcoated which covers and seals the laminated fibreglass surface.The faceplate and visor is Vacuum formed using ABS plastic.
  • WHITE GLOSS FINISH.The helmet is painted using quality white gloss auto spray paint.The ABS parts used for the helmet are primed with plastic primer which adheres to the plastic surface and ensures the paint will not peel from the plastic surface.The gloss paint will easily accept weathering if required.
  • FULL SIZE.The helmet has been produced full size and can be worn.
  • FLIP UP VISOR AND CHIN CUP.The visor pivots and can be lifted. The plastic chin cup is securely attached with elastic and fits comfortably under the chin.
  • WELDERS SHIELD EYE LENSE.The eye lense is welders shield material which can be seen through.The users face cannot be seen.
  • RESIN NOSE SECTION.The nose section is a complete cast using quality resins and painted with acrylic paints.
  • VISOR BOLTS CAST FROM 3M BOLTS.The visor bolts are cast from the original 3m bolts used on the screen used version.These are cast from metal.
  • CUT OUT EAR SECTIONS.The ears are cut and black material is fitted inside the helmet to give the impression of depth just like the original movie helmet.
  • PADDING FITTED.The helmet has foam padding inside which can easily be added to if needed.
  • ORIGINAL SCULPT.This helmet has been produced from a one off sculpt using clay.

Star wars Biker scout weathered helmet

SKU: BikerWeathered
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