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Horse Anatomy Sculpture by Christopher Hobson


Height: 12 Inches; Width: 3 Inches; Depth: 7 Inches

Inspiration for this sculpt came from my love of horses.Horses for me have a stunning physical presence and i wanted to show with this sculpt what is revealed under the skin of a horses head.Muscles,veins and tendons are sculpted into this piece using a real skull for reference.Texture in the bone and muscles are all in this piece.Sculpted over many weeks and cast from quality resin in a colour which enhances the forms.


Production time 2-3 weeks depending on current workload.


A very original peice and subject matter you do not normally see in a horse sculpture.

Weighing around one kilogram with protective felt feet for display.The piece is cast from quality Polyurethane resin is comes as an off white colour.
You are purchasing a quality cast that has been produced from my original sculpture.

Horse Equine bust ornament sculpture

SKU: Horsehead
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