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Step into the world of the Galactic Empire with our amazing Full Size Star Wars Snowtrooper Helmet V2 replica. Crafted from the best quality materials, this helmet is a faithful recreation of the iconic headgear worn by the Snowtroopers. It features an original sculpture, ensuring that it's not a recast, and comes with a 2 pack white paint finish for an authentic look. The movie accurate cowl material adds the finishing touch to this must-have collector's item for any Star Wars fan. Whether for display or cosplaying, this Snowtrooper helmet will make you feel like you're part of the Empire's forces.


  • Constructed from industry standard gelcoat and fibreglass
  • Painted with Two pack automotive paints..hard wearing and glossy
  • Movie accurate PVC cowl fitted cut to correct length
  • Dark green film eye lense material
  • Brass effect disc on top of helmet

Full size Star wars Snowtrooper helmet V2

SKU: snowtrooper v2
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