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FIBREGLASS CONSTRUCTION.The helmet is constructed from industry standard fibreglass which is strong and light.The interior is flowcoated giving a smooth surface.

BLACK SATIN FINISH.The helmet is finished in quality acrylic paint with minimal weathering applied.

HAND PAINTED DETAILS.The helmet has hand painted details specific to the Omega squad version including Omega squad insignia.

BLACK VISOR.The visor is thermoformed 3mm dark acrylic which can be seen through although the users face cannot be seen.

LIGHTING FITTED.The helmet is fitted with EL wire powered by an internal battery box..a bright LED searchlight is also fitted powered by a separate battery box.

ORIGINAL SCULPT.The helmet is produced from an original sculpt.


Production time 2-3 weeks depending on current workload.

Full size Republic Commando helmet Omega squad version

SKU: Republicomega
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