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The Full size Darth Vader ESB helmet is a high-quality replica of the iconic helmet worn by Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back. It is meticulously crafted from durable materials, ensuring its sturdiness and longevity. This helmet is perfect for fans and collectors who are looking for an authentic and true-to-life representation of Darth Vader's menacing appearance. Whether it's for display in a collection or for use in costuming, this full-size helmet will undoubtedly make a statement and impress any Star Wars enthusiast. Add this striking piece to your collection and feel the power of the dark side.


  • Constructed from industry standard gelcoat and fibreglass of approx 2mm thick which gives a very strong product and is produced just like the original helmet
  • The faceplate attaches to the dome by means of a fixing cup and is bolted together for extra security.
  • The faceplate is painted with gunmetal highlights just like the original and coated with two pack laquer.
  • Painted with 2 pack paints using professional sprayguns.
  • Real metal tusks and dark acrylic lenses give this vader a menacing look.Real metal mesh and acoustic foam is fitted to the mouthpiece.
  • Produced from original clay sculpture.

Full size Darth Vader ESB helmet

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