Here at Newimage prop replicas we use different processes for the production of our Star wars helmets and other replica props.

Most of our Star wars helmets are produced with fibreglass and we use industry standard materials to give a quality finish to all our props.We carefully produce our replicas to ensure no weak areas within the laminate and all our fibreglass helmets have a flowcoated layer to cover the fibreglass surface.

We use matrix RTV molds which give us the opportunity to produce quality products...all our helmets are produced to the same standards.The laminate and gelcoated surface produce helmets with a thickness of around 2mm which gives excellent impact strength but are also light enough to wear.

We are fully setup with a spray booth for a great paint finish.I am fully setup with air fed paint mask so we can spray our helmets using professional 2 pack paints.

We use a huge range of different materials and found items to produce our replica props.The techniques and process we use has taken many years to perfect and you can be assured you will receive a quality Star wars movie prop replica from us.

Newimage prop replicas production of Star wars replicas

Vacuum Formed Stormtrooper helmet Process

We currently own a Formech FM660 Vacuum forming machine which allows us to produce stormtrooper helmets from thermoformed plastic.

Vacuum forming or thermoforming is the process of heating plastic and forming it over heat resistant molds then applying vacuum to draw the plastic onto the mold.

We have spent a long time perfecting this process so it can be applied to the Stormtrooper helmet.Our Formech machine is capable of producing deep draw items and also to produce uniform thickness of plastic across the mold surface.

We have provided a video below of the vacuum forming process in action on the same machine we own.

We can produce  in HIPS,ABS and other thermoplastics.

stormtrooper helmet vacuum formed face
vacuum formed stormtrooper mold
vacuum formed newimage prop replicas helmet
formech 660 fm thermoforming machine

Thermoforming services

As a prop making business we can offer thermoforming services.Our machine has a forming area of 620mm x620mm,depth of draw 400mm and can form materials of upto 6mm thickness.

If you have your own molds we can vacuum form items for you subject to the mold.

Please contact us for any further information