• FIBREGLASS CONSTRUCTION.The helmet is constructed from industry standard gelcoat and fibreglass approx 2mm thick.Carefull construction ensures no weak areas within the laminate.The interior is flowcoated giving a smooth surface.
  • WHITE GLOSS FINISH.The helmet is finished with quality automotive acrylic spray paints giving a hard wearing white gloss finish.
  • QUALITY MATRIX MOLD.The helmet is produced from a quality matrix mold giving an appearance of multipart construction.
  • HAND PAINTED DETAILING.Parts of helmet are detailed with quality modelling acrylic paints giving excellent colour match to the vinyl decals used.
  • VINYL DECALS.Industry standard vinyl graphics are applied to the helmet.Glossy and wont chip away.
  • DARK BUBBLE LENSES.The helmet is fitted with thermoformed dark acrylic lenses.These can be seen through although the users face cannot be seen.


     No internal padding is fitted to the helmet.

Full size fibreglass stormtrooper hero helmet

SKU: Stormherofibreglass


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