Newimage prop replicas has been supplying quality made props since 2003.Over this time we have gained excellent feedbacks with customers very happy with their purchase of a star wars helmet.We have supplied bespoke helmets in different colour schemes and other weird and wonderful items for each customers requirements.Pictured below is customers with Stormtrooper helmets, Darth vader helmets and other star wars related helmets this is just a small amount of customer submitted photos.

We also have received numerous written feedbacks to ourselves from happy customers.

We have also supplied helmets to members of the 501st legion who have been very happy with their purchases.

Some customers have been supplied with kits from us and painted the helmets to their own requirements.

Cracking work! Stupendous! Many Thanks!

Very good work !!! Thank you so much !!

I am very happy with my purchase thank you

Great customer service and brilliant item, very pleased.

Well made. Excellent work. Fast shipping.

Newimage Prop Replicas customer submitted comments and pictures

newimage prop replicas full size darth vader helmet
Newimage prop replicas Biker scout helme
Customer picture Biker scout helmet
biker scout trooper newimage prop replicas
wesley and the crushers stormtrooper helmets
bespoke stormtrooper helmet
stormtrooper helmet customer picture newimage prop replicas
newimage prop replicas darth vader full suit
newimage prop replicas darth vader armour
pokemon cosplay helmet customer picture
star wars stormtrooper helmet supplied by newimage prop replicas
Exterminate full size dr who dalek
newimage prop replicas biker scout helmet
pokemon cosplay helmet newimage prop replicas
Customers stormtrooper hero helmet.jpeg
Biker scout V1 customer picture.jpg
Customer darth vader helmet.jpg
Customers stormtrooper skeleton.jpg
Biker scout helmet.jpg
electrode cosplay helmet newimage prop replicas
Biker scout helmet newimage prop replicas